Anna Modayil Mani Biography

Meteorologist and Physicist, Honored With a Google Doodle on Her 104th Birthday A meteorologist and physicist, Anna Modayil Mani retired as the Deputy Director General of the Indian Meteorological Department. She also held various positions in the Raman Research Institute. She has authored many books and articles on various subjects. In addition, she was a … Read more

Sonali Phogat Biography

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Salman Rushdie Biography

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Lionel Messi Biography

A Lionel Messi Biography A short biography on the Argentine soccer player Lionel Messi will help you understand who he is and how he got his big break. Born in Rosario, Argentina, Messi has two brothers – Rodrigo and Matias – and a cousin. His family is football crazy, so he was exposed to it … Read more

Raju Srivastav Biography

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